Wednesday, July 14, 2010


ok im new with this blogger setup so here are the links to my YouTube Channel and my Facebook:


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  2. I've been following your videos on YouTube and we are even FB friends. I am also new to this blogging stuff, as well, but have set up a page dedicated to my photography hobby, and have also been editing a lot of HD video. I am enjoying shooting video with one of those Pentax K-x SLR cameras, that shoot video in 720p HD. I don't have the balls that you have about shooting strangers though. So I have been using it for more nature stuff. Your vids may inspire me to try other things, though. I enjoy the editing process, myself, more than shooting, and have found some really great programs for both my pics and my video. I'm learning to use this program called Sony Vegas Pro, which is like photoshop for video.
    Feel free to check out my blog, as I am living in central CT, and travel to nyc occasionally, but mostly go to New Haven

  3. lol it always cracks me up when i see a stupid fat prick trying to be techno savvy. if i want to see an annoying, fat, slovenly, sack of shit on youtube I'll be sure to follow you. anyways i just saw a few of you videos and i really wanted to say that i hope you die in a fire you fat sack of shit...... kay bye. :D